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.... in your tummy

~ P L U M P - I T - U P ! ~
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A community for FA's, feeders, feedees, foodees, and everyone else who could possibly love it when girls get fatter.

bbw, bbws, beer bellies, beer belly, being fat, being fat and lazy, being fattened, being fed, being thick, bellies, belly rolls, belly rubs, big bellies, big bottoms, big butts, big hips, body acceptance, buxom women, calories, cheesecake, chocolate, chub, chubbiness, chubby bellies, chubby chicks, chubby girls, chubby women, chunky women, curves, curvy chicks, curvy women, cushion for the pushin', decadence, deep navels, eating, eating alot, erotic weight gain, fa, fat, fat acceptance, fat admirers, fat asses, fat bellies, fat booty, fat fetish, fat girls, fat legs, fat lovers, fat obsession, fat rolls, fat sex, fat thighs, fatness, fatten up, fattening food, fattening up, fatties, feedee, feedees, feederism, feeding, flab, fleshiness, food, foodees, freshman 15, freshman 50, gaining, gaining weight, getting big boobs, getting fat, getting fatter, gluttons, gluttony, gorgeing, gorging, growing fat, growing fatter, having a big butt, high calories, indulgence, indulging, jiggly bellies, junk food, love handles, lucious hips, obesity, overeating, overindulgence, overindulgnce, overweight, pigging out, pleasantly plump, pleasingly plump, plump women, plumpers, plumping up, plumpness, plus size, plushness, pot bellies, potbellies, progress pics, pudge, pudginess, really fat people, round bellies, rubenesque, rubenesque women, snacking, soft bellies, softness, stuffing, sweets, tender thighs, thick thighs, thicken up, thighs, tight clothes, tolerance, trying to get fat, tubby girls, tummies, unusual fetish, voluptuous women, voluptuousness, weight gain, weight gain erotica, weight gaining women, weightgain, wg, zaftig women